The ROTZLER Company

This traditional family company is now in its third generation and is currently being run by Jürgen Rotzler as its CEO.

Rotzler's first-class winch and system solutions are used all over the world for the various challenges posed by hoisting and pulling loads.

Our customers and business partners profit from our decades of experience and our close cooperation with internationally renowned companies, for instance from the automotive, construction or military sectors.

More than 220 employees implement tailor-made solutions to suit the wishes of our customers. From project planning right up to after sales maintenance provision, Rotzler provides a full range of services from a single source: reliable, high-quality and safe.

Rotzler's product business on the North American market has been in the hands of ROTZLER Canada Inc. in Vancouver, Canada since 1995. In addition to being responsible for producing and retailing our products, ROTZLER Canada Inc. is an important partner and competence centre for the development of Rotzler winches.

In addition to the regional offices in Steinen and Vancouver ROTZLER Korea Ltd. was founded in 2006 in Changwon,South Korea. This joint venture with South Korea's long-standing business partners primarily offers services for our local customers.In 2014 the subsidiary ROTZLER India Pvt. Ltd. was founded in Bangalore, India.

Since January 1st 2015 the ROTZLER HOLDING GmbH + Co. KG, located in Steinen, Germany, is the holding company of the subsidiaries ROTZLER Deutschland GmbH + Co. KG, ROTZLER Canada Inc., ROTZLER Korea Ltd. and ROTZLER India Pvt. Ltd.

And the company is developing further. In 2015, the latest subsidiary ROTZLER USA Inc. in Texas was opened.

ROTZLER - The experts for hydraulic winches and winch systems.