ROTZLER Hydraulic Hoisting Winches

Ideal for lifting and lowering loads of all kinds, ROTZLER hydraulic hoisting winches are perfect for integration in mobile, erection and loading cranes, stationary crane systems, construction machinery and drilling rigs. They meet all the demands associated with these fields of application - reliably and accurately. In practice, this means greater flexibility, higher productivity and considerable time savings.



Due to their lightweight and compact design, TITAN winches have become firm global favourites in the fishing industry and are especially popular for use with loading cranes.

ROTZLER hoisting winches HK type

Large cable drum storage capacities even with high hoisting forces, high bare drum line speeds and an extensive operating duty capacity all go to make ROTZLER hoisting winches HK type  the perfect choice whenever and wherever you need to lift and accurately position a load.

Brochures and Information

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