Options for ROTZLER TREIBMATIC pulling winches:

  • two-gear version with a high and a low gear
  • different types and lengths of wire rope
  • matching storage drums for different rope lengths
  • double pull to the rear (permanent installation) and
  • CAN-bus interface for integrating the system in the vehicle


Diagnosis, dialogue and admin - all in a single software Simple and practical data admin with NEXUS II


Since it was launched in the year 2000, ROTZLER NEXUS has proved its worth as a modern software-based administration system. The program transfers, displays and updates all relevant data from the control programs of systems installed in a vehicle. The digital controllers used by Rotzler customers are thus identifiable at any time and can easily be evaluated. To suit changed requirements, Rotzler has adapted the NEXUS system and developed NEXUS II. ROTZLER NEXUS II is directly connected to the CAN open interface and is thus ideally suited to controlling several systems within a vehicle. In addition to that, ROTZLER NEXUS II provides the following functions:

  • quick diagnosis and error detection
  • visualisation of the connected system
  • within defined limits, users can personally change parameters, which are then stored on Rotzler's server for the added advantage of spare-parts assurance and
  • vehicle manufacturers can install the software themselves on a laptop computer

A conventional laptop computer is required to install ROTZLER NEXUS II.

Accessories for Successful Recovery Operations

Snatch block, rope trumpet, load-securing gear, double pull, rope deflection, wheel wedges and much more. Please click here.

Brochures and Information

Further product information and brochures for  download at the Infopoint.