ROTZLER Hydraulic Winches for Recovery and Rescue Applications

ROTZLER ist one of the leading manufacturers of winch systems and accessories for recovery and rescue operations.With our hydraulic winches, rescue services can reliably recover vehicles or quickly remove barriers. Maximum security, user-friendly operation and a long lifespan are just some characteristics of our products.
The TREIBMATIC TR 030 FIRE recovery winch was specifically designed for the firefighting market.
Both standard products and custom designs for custom vehicle constructions are available for various applications.
The modular and compact design of ROTZLER winches allow flexible integration into different vehicles.
On request, we provide our customers with the vehicle installation and services from the planning to completion of a project through to seminars, training as well as repair and spare parts service.


Perfect Integration of ROTZLER winches

Experienced designers and construction teams ensure the perfect integration of hydraulic winches with recovery and self-recovery vehicles:

  • Firefighting vehicles
  • Rescue and equipment vehicles
  • Crane vehicles
  • Special-purpose vehicles
  • Commercial utility vehicles

Hydraulic pulling winches for the fire-fighting sector

Within our wide product range we offer the TREIBMATIC recovery winch. With a constant pulling force and constant rope speed over the entire rope length, it is a high-performance pulling equipment for fire brigades.

We meet the highest safety standards of DIN 14584 and additionally offer the appropriate accessories for rope deflection, duplication of the pulling force, vehicle protection and much more. 

Good reasons for using a ROTZLER TREIBMATIC

  • Constant pulling force and rope speed
  • Flexible and space-saving in-vehicle integration enabled by separate storage drum
  • Separate storage drum enables minimal rope wear
  • Simplified and user-optimized operation
  • Long product life and minimal maintenance effort
  • Quality inspection in own ROTZLER-test-center guarantees reliability and safety in winch use
  • ROTZLER installation service for perfect integration in vehicles

Brochures and Information

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