Making Light Work of Lifting Loads

Hydraulic Hoisting winches for the marine and shipping industry  

Extreme working conditions at sea demand dependable and strong equipment on board ship. In this regard, safety is an important criterion for the success and cost-effectiveness of the vessel.ROTZLER TITAN hoisting winches provide a safe, dependable and individual option for hoisting operations when mounted on deck cranes or used to haul in nets aboard trawlers, dredgers and on fish farms.

ROTZLER TITAN hoisting winches provide proof of their outstanding performance and reliability at sea all around the globe on a daily basis. In practice, that means more flexibility, time savings and higher productivity. The product range comprises a wealth of useful accessories and application-specific options. 


Typical applications for ROTZLER planetary hoisting winches:

  • Trawlers
  • Mussel cutters
  • Fish farms
  • Work boats
  • Research ships
  • Harbour cranes
  • Wind parks

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