Hydraulic winches for military applications

For many decades, ROTZLER has been a competent and reliable partner for renowned vehicle manufacturers and suppliers within the military equipment sector all over the world.  

Our entire project service - from planning up to production start - fulfils the highest requirements of our customers and business partners in this demanding segment.  

ROTZLER heavy-duty military winches and systems are a standard feature of the basic equipment found in military trucks or armored vehicles whenever robust, technologically mature and reliable products are needed.  

Furthermore, ROTZLER develops CAN-bus-based communications systems to ensure optimum control and coordination of military recovery vehicle components.


Solutions for military applications

For recovering, self-recovering and transporting military vehicles, ROTZLER develops customer-specific hydraulic winches and control systems for the following fields of military application:  

  • Heavy-duty winch systems for military armoured recovery vehicles
  • Hydraulic recovery and self-recovery winches for military light armoured wheeled and tracked vehicles
  • Hydraulic winch systems for heavy-load and tank transporters
  • Systems for military recovery and towing vehicles and
  • Hydraulic self-recovery winches for military off-road vehicles

Brochures and Information

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