Heavy-duty military winch systems for heavy equipment and tank transporters

Functional and defective tanks as well as other heavy loads are efficiently and safely transported over longer distances using flat-bed trucks and trailers. ROTZLER develops high-performance hydraulic HZ Twin-winches for loading and unloading heavy equipment and tank transporters (HET). The robust, yet highly responsive HZ recovery winches are perfect for precisely manoeuvring heavy loads, thus helping to keep military vehicles mobile.


Systems for military recovery and towing vehicles

ROTZLER provides recovery vehicle systems that ensure integrated control of individual vehicle components for installation in cutting-edge recovery vehicles. Recovery, auxiliary and crane winches as well as other towing equipment are interlinked using a CAN-bus-based communication system.


Self-recovery winches for military off-road vehicles

Integrated hydraulic self-recovery winches make military vehicles mobile again and keep them operational, thus saving both costs and valuable time. Rotzler's space-saving TREIBMATIC winches can be flexibly integrated in the tightest of spaces and in various vehicle chassis.

Brochures and Information

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