ROTZLER TREIBMATIC pulling winches

TREIBMATIC pulling winches are space-saving, functional and adapted to suit customer requirements.

Advantages of ROTZLER TREIBMATIC winches:

  • constant pulling force over the entire rope length
  • constant rope speed
  • flexible installation as no space is needed for spooling
  • the grooved rope drums ensure the rope is separated and therefore minimise rope wear
  • low rope wear due to no-load rope storage during rope payout
  • flexible rope length, depending on the cable drum capacity
  • no-load rope retraction
  • useful accessories and options and
  • winches with pulling forces of 50 to 500 kN (nominal pulling force)


ROTZLER's TREIBMATIC winch is based on the principle of a capstan winch with two grooved cylindrical drums, the grooving of which prevents any contact between the two. The wire rope feeds tensionless onto a separate storage drum and coils itself around the far inside rim of the drum shell, thus preventing the coils and layers of rope from being crushed. In addition, a hydraulic multi-disc brake securely holds the load. As a result, ROTZLER TREIBMATIC winches easily and fully meet the requirements of DIN 14584 with no rope payout problems, no crushed ropes, low wear and no speed fluctuations. The winch delivers constant pulling force per layer of rope and continuous monitoring of winch functions ensures extra operational safety. Its low operating costs and extremely long service life make the TREIBMATIC winch a highly cost-effective choice.


Applications for ROTZLER TREIBMATIC pulling winches

Brochures and Information

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